Accountability & Audit

What Are Your Responsibilities

Following consideration by the Grants Committee of your application, you will be informed of your success or otherwise. The funding will be automatically lodged to your organisation's bank account and you will be requested to provide receipts for all goods and services that have been purchased.

You will be informed by letter:

  • that the funding has been granted, the amount approved and the purpose on which the funding is to be spent;
  • the date on which the funding has been lodged;
  • advice as to the timeframe for spending the money this will normally be within three months.


It is required that receipts for all goods and services purchased are sent to the
Four Winds Foundation Limited, PO Box 74104, Market Road, Auckland 1543,
promptly after purchase of the goods for which the grant has been received.

If grant money is not expended or if the project is not proceeding or if there are any excess funds, these funds must be refunded.

What Are Our Responsibilities

The Gambling Act 2003 came into full effect on 1 July 2004 and established new requirements relating to harm minimisation and problem gambling. These include:

Every venue must have a policy for identifying problem gamblers. This document is our policy; we must display a notice in the gaming area stating that we have such a policy and that a copy of the policy will be made available on request (Section 308);

We must take all reasonable steps to use this policy to identify actual or potential problem gamblers (Section 308). We will use a number of processes for identifying a problem gambler; they include our Identifying Problem Gamblers Questionnaire and Observations Check-sheet (attached);

Once we have identified a problem gambler or we have reasonable grounds to believe that a person is a problem gambler we must approach that person and offer information or advice to the person about problem gambling. That information or advice must include a description of the self-exclusion procedure (Section 309);

After offering the advice and information we may issue an exclusion order to the person that prohibits the person from entering the gaming area for a period of up to 2 years (Section 309);

We must issue an exclusion order prohibiting the person from entering the gaming area for up to 2 years if the person has identified themselves as being a problem gambler and has requested that the venue prohibit them from entering the venue concerned (Section 310);

We must remove any person from our gaming area that has such an exclusion order in place (Section 311);

The excluded person commits an offence if they enter our gaming area in breach of the exclusion order. We commit an offence if we fail to use the policy correctly (Section 312).


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