Grant Decision Criteria
This policy establishes the grant decision making criteria for Four Winds Foundation.


  • The Grant Sub-Committee discusses the applications and their merits at a monthly meeting based on the information provided by the applicant.
  • Only 4 grant applications per applicant will be considered in any 12-month period regardless of grant outcome
  • Only 1 application per applicant per month will be considered
  • ALL applications must be posted - emailed or online applications will not be accepted
  • The final number of successful grants will always be determined by the funds available and the requirement to meet the 40% minimum as requested (Section 10, Gambling (Class 4 Net Proceeds) Regulations 2004).
  • The successful grants must always be within the Company's 'Authorised Purpose' which has been approved by the Department of internal Affairs (DIA).
  • No Board members, Sub-committee members, Management and staff may promise or imply the approval of particular grant applications prior to their proper consideration.
  • Four Winds Foundation will communicate to the public clear processes for deciding on grant applications by website, venue, advertising and other communication methods.


Factors taken into account in assessing a grant application include the following:

  • The history, background and membership of the applicant organisation, to establish its bona fide status and ensure that its activities fall within authorised purposes
  • The applicants annual budget if applicable
  • Any partial self-funding of the activity by the applicant
  • Where applicable, the outcomes of audits conducted on grants made previously
  • Assessment of the overall community benefit that would arise and the potential number of beneficiaries
  • Any possibility of funds being misdirected to the detriment of the intended community benefit
  • Grants received by the applicant from all gaming trusts during the past 12 months
  • No evidence of commercial gain that might accrue to any professional fundraisers involved with an application
  • Fees or benefits that might accrue to any professional fundraisers involved with an application.
  • Other organisations from which funding is being sought

This list is not exhaustive. It indicates additional information that might be required to assess grant applications fully.


Our Venues' Problem Gambling Policy
"A problem gambler means a person whose gambling causes harm or may cause harm"

(Gambling Act 2003)
Four Winds Foundation Best Practices Statement
"Problem Gambling Awareness and Harm Minimisation training is good for the community and makes good business sense. Four Winds Foundation is proud of its regional New Zealand roots and the benefits the local communities gain from our gaming venues. The Four Winds Foundation training policies, and our responsible hosts who operate our venues, combine to ensure that our venues practices exceed legislation and regulation"

Social Responsibility and Importance of this Policy
We are dedicated to ensuring our venues are "Community Friendly" and will be diligent in our monitoring of our patrons and strict when enforcing the rules and regulations of the Gaming Act 2003.
Our venues are committed to meeting their social responsibility fully and do not wish to receive monies from players who cannot afford the losses. Gaming machines exist purely for the purposes of raising funds for the New Zealand grassroots community. There is no point in taking money from members of the community that contributes to hardship and suffering in that community for the purposes of returning the profits to that same community. It is best for the community and those people for the money not to be lost in the first place. That is what this problem gambling policy is all about and why it is so important for staff to be trained and effective in identifying and assisting actual and potential problem gamblers.

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