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Need help with your gambling

Four Winds and its partner venues take problem gambling seriously and are actively working with other parties to reduce the instances of gambling related harm. If you (or someone you know) need assistance with any gambling related issues then we urge you to contact one of the parties listed below, they are experts in providing targeted help in these areas. All Four Winds venues staff are trained to identify problem gambling and to help where necessary. All Four Winds venues contain on-site material that provides detailed information on harm prevention & contact details for free professional asssistance.

Click here for help and more information on 'Exclusions & Self-exclusion'


The Problem Gambling Foundation (0800 664 262) provides support for people experiencing gambling related problems.

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The Salvation Army Oasis programme (0800 530 000) also provides support for people experiencing gambling related problems. 

We have also provided a link to the DIA website which provides statistics, rules and regulations and other legilslative information pertaining to gaming. 

The The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) website can provide links to the Gambling Act 2003, Rules and Regulations and the Ministry of Health.

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