Who Can Apply For A Grant

Is your organisation eligible for a grant?

Our preference is to distribute funds in and around the area where our venues are located. If you are outside these area's, you should look at the www.dia.govt.co.nz website for a list of other gaming trusts within your area whom may be able to help you.

To be eligible for a grant, your Organisation must be a non-profit body and registered as an Incorporated Society, or be Affiliated to a body that is Incorporated and preferable registered with the Charities Commission.

Four Winds Foundation funds are available for any charitable, philanthropic, cultural or sporting purpose that provides a benefit to the local community.

All grants need to be for goods and services that originate in New Zealand.

Any activities or transactions that have already occurred are known as retrospective and cannot be funded.

You may apply to more than one organisation for funding, but funding for a particular purpose may only be received from one organisation. If you have received funding for the same purpose from more than one organisation, any excess funds must be returned.

Applications for Travel need to be carefully prepared. All quotes need to be from New Zealand Travel companies. We do not fund departure taxes, Insurance, overseas accommodation or domestic travel within an overseas country.

Costs for Travel and accommodation costs can only be approved where an official itinerary is supplied with an itemised breakdown of proposed costs.

To be eligible for sporting grants, your organisation must play on a regular basis and be affiliated to a regional or national body.

The following is not funded:

Mileage and fuel for personal vehicles is not covered. Funding for the purchase or subsidy of vehicles used for private or commercial activities, social functions or motor sport are also not covered.

Funding does not include: