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Grants Distributed last month

The close-off date for the Four Winds Foundation 28 September 2022 Grant Committee meeting will be 31 August 2022 at 4:30pm.
You are encouraged to have your applications delivered into our office throughout the month and not wait for the last week and close-off date.

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Four Winds wins against NZCT

The Judge found in Four Winds’ favour and ruled NZCT was in breach of its obligations by refusing to give notice of the surrender of the licences.

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Royal New Zealand Ballet

"The Royal New Zealand Ballet is extremely grateful for the invaluable support of Four Winds Foundation which has continued to support some of our ground-breaking initiatives in the accessibility sector, including: dance workshops in prisons; audio described performances and ‘Touch Tours’ for vision impaired people and the provision of free bus transport for low decile schools to attend RNZB performances for schools. Thousands of children have be

Starship Foundation

For many years the support of Four Winds Foundation has helped drive impact programmes that accelerate and deliver sustainable world-class healthcare for children all over New Zealand. From all us at Starship Foundation and on behalf of the children, families, doctors and nurses whose lives intersect powerfully at Starship every hour of everyday we are extremely grateful for the kindness and generosity of the Four Winds Foundation. Thank you!‍

Who can apply?

Apply For A Grant

Applications received at the Four Winds office, through and by 4.30pm on the last working day of each month. are considered at the following month’s meeting. The Grant’s Committee generally meet to consider grants on the last week of each month.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get an application for funding from?

Application forms are available to members of the public at all our gaming venues our. They can also be obtained from or downloaded from this website

Why can't we submit applications online?

We receive hundreds of enquiries and applications monthly. While many are from organisations familiar with online grants processes we also fund smaller organisations and others who are not as tech savvy. It is Four Winds desire to ensure that as many potential valid applicants as possible can apply for funding. Those societies that allow only online grant application processes often eliminate or discourage those that are less online savvy from applying.

What if we want to spend approved funds elsewhere?

Before approved funds are spent elsewhere you need to contact the Four Winds office and seek advice. There is very strict criteria to adhere to under 'The Gaming Act' and before funding is approved suppliers are cross checked and approved. Therefore using another supplier that was not listed with your application may not be possible until they are checked and approved. If wishing to spend funds in an entirely different manner or purpose, then firstly the funds would need to be returned and another application made detailing the new purpose of the application.

Are there closing dates for applications?

Applications must be received at Four Winds office by 4.30pm on the last working day of each month. Applications received by this date will be considered by the end of the following month.

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