Four Winds Foundation takes harm prevention very seriously and works closely with our venues to reduce and minimise any instances of potential harm from gambling.

We provide ongoing regular training and education of venue staff to ensure they can confidently identify and provide help to anyone who may require assistance. Training is provided using modern in-venue training techniques complimented with online training ensuring our venues and their staff can confidently identify and assist at need persons.

We acknowledge not everyone who plays gaming machines is able to play purely for entertainment as there is a very small number that gamble beyond their means & it’s important these people are identified and provided assistance.

Our training programmes help venues and venue staff identify any at risk parties aided with developing technology such as facial recognition to identify and exclude at-risk players.

If you or anyone else is experiencing potential gambling harm, whether from gaming machines or elsewhere, then please contact the Problem Gambling Foundation on 0800 654655 or text 8006.

Four Winds respects all opinions in and around gaming so long as discussions are based around
facts and not hype - it’s only fair to all sides.

  • Spending on gaming machines when adjusted for inflation is down over 40% from their peak in 2004 with increased spending reported in 2021 v 2020 as a direct result of venues being closed due to Covid lockdown. Gaming machines per capita have halved since their peak in 2004
  • 100% of profits from gaming machines are distributed back to the community. Gaming machines return 92% back to players in prizes whereas Lotto returns 54%
  • Gaming machines are placed where the law permits, currently in R18 areas within Taverns & Clubs as directed by Central & Local Government. Current laws forbid relocation to other
  • New Zealand has one of the lowest problem gambling rates in the world and unfortunately one of the least effective gambling health responses according to an independent health
  • Often low-risk gamblers are added to inflate problem gambling statistics
  • Facial recognition technology effectively detects excluded gamblers however the Ministry of Health refuses to assist with funding despite 60% of problem gamblers relapsing & widespread dissatisfaction with the gambling health response for those seeking help
  • 85% of gaming funds are returned to the communities where they were derived as opposed to just 18% from Lotto
  • Those opposed should move their focus toward online gambling, Kiwibank suggest this unregulated gambling is already at levels in excess of 30 million per month and forecast to exceed $650 million by year 2025. There are no safety mechanisms, no identification of problem gambling, no money returned to communities, no problem gambling levy paid, no government taxes and no local jobs created. Gaming machines return funds to the community, pay taxes to the government, pay problem gambling levies to fund those who suffer potential gaming harm, create hospitality jobs and gaming is conducted in a highly regulated & highly visible environment. Unlike online gambling where in a worst case you could lose your home without leaving your home. It appears the efforts to control this space are simply too hard for those opposed so they direct their efforts toward an easier visible target that is already highly regulated and effective in identifying potential harm.

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