Who Can Apply for a Grant?

To be eligible for a grant, your organisation must be a non-profit body and registered as an Incorporated Society, or be affiliated to a body that is incorporated and preferably registered with the Charities Commission.

Four Winds Foundation funds are available for any charitable, philanthropic, amateur sport, arts, cultural activities or something that provides benefit to a significant portion of the community in a non-commercial sense.  The type of charitable organisations that the Foundation envisages assisting generally falls within the following descriptions:

  • Sporting clubs/teams
  • Cultural (e.g. performing arts, historical societies, cultural groups etc.)
  • Philanthropic (organisations that are there for the benefit/welfare of the community e.g. health, foodbanks)
  • Educational groups
  • Community groups who serve community purposes (e.g. scouts, senior citizens etc.)
  • Other groups that may fulfil qualifying purposes not specifically mentioned above

An important requirement for our directors is a signed set of the organisation’s annual financial accounts. Our preference is to distribute funds in and around the area where our venues are located (click here for a current list of our venues).  If you are outside these areas, you should look at the website for a list of other gaming trusts within your area who may be able to help you.

Funding Rounds

'Four Winds Foundation Grants Committee' meets every month, usually on the last week of the month (exceptions may apply on certain months), to consider applications received in the previous month

This means that applications received in the Four Winds Foundation office in this current month (up until and including the last working day of the month) will be considered by the end of next month. This applies to every month of the year.

  • ALL applications must be posted - emailed applications will not be accepted.
  • Only 4 grant applications per applicant will be considered in any 12-month period regardless of grant outcome.
  • Only 1 grant application per applicant will be considered in any month.

Important things to consider before applying

  • Your organisation’s location: Four Winds Foundation gives funding priority to local communities around our venues (you can see the most up to date list of our venues on this website). If we currently have no venues in or around your organisation’s area, it would make applications from this area unlikely to be considered favourably.
  • The timing of your application: It is preferable that grant applications are received by our office 8 weeks prior to the event. The money applied for must only be used after the meeting to consider your application. Also, funds cannot be granted for events that have already occurred before the meeting to consider your application is held, even if the actual payment is after the meeting. Any amount used before the meeting, including but not limited to deposits, would be considered retrospective and therefore cannot be approved.

Authorised/Non-Authorised Purpose

  • All grants need to be for goods and services that originate in New Zealand
  • All items funded must remain the property of the recipient organisation (e.g. sports equipment and uniforms).
  • Authorised purposes must benefit the community and not result in commercial or personal gain.
  • Click here to learn more about Authorised Purposes.
  • Click here to learn more about Non-Authorised Purposes in relation to grant funding.

Grant Application Requirements

The second page of our application form outlines all the document required to be submitted together with a grant application.
IMPORTANT: Cost breakdown must be clearly filled with all items supported by cost evidence (N.B budgets are not acceptable cost evidence).

If using a professional fundraiser, it must be done under the following conditions: they must be paid a flat or hourly rate which is paid irrespective of the outcome of your grant application. If your organisation has another remuneration arrangement with your fundraiser, you must disclose this to us. You must not use any portion of grant funding received to pay a commission or success fee to the fundraiser.


Quotes supporting the amount requested are essential for each application. No quotes – No funding! Quotes must be addressed to your organisation, be less than 6 months old, show supplier’s clear name and contact details as well as GST content.  For operational costs, the previous three months’ worth of operational invoices must be provided. Seasonal sports groups may provide invoices for the same timeframe from the previous year.


The allocation of funds made by Four Winds Foundation is an unconditional gift. No portion is claimed by Four Winds Foundation as a deduction for Goods and Services Tax paid. If a Grant Applicant is GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be funded (as GST is not a real cost to such organisations).

Salaries and Contracts

All applications for salaries/contractor’s fees must include a current signed contract (with the job description) clearly supporting the amounts outlined in the form’s salaries cost breakdown. Applications can only be processed based on evidence provided.

Applications for positions that are not yet filled cannot be considered.

Successful grants for salaries/wages will usually be limited to a three-month period of time.

  • All grant applications must include a resolution of the organisation’s committee/board to apply for funding, signed and dated by a member of the committee/board..
  • A resolution’s requirement is to be specific to Four Winds Foundation and it must include the amount. The resolution must also be no older than 3 months.
  • It can be part of the committee meeting minutes although the minutes are not required, the resolution is.
  • Click here for a resolution example.


To be eligible for sporting grants, your organisation must play on a regular basis and be affiliated to a regional or national body.

The following is not funded:

  • Training/after-match apparel (the only authorised kind of apparel is playing uniforms).
  • Individual sports persons unless the grant is made to and administered by an incorporated sporting body to which the individual is affiliated. If the individual is participating in an event that attracts prizes, then all prizes must be forfeited to that sporting body.
  • Food and alcohol
  • Sporting trips for supporters and spectators
  • Costs associated with 'after match' functions

Applications for Travel need to be carefully prepared. All quotes need to be from New Zealand Travel companies. We do not fund departure taxes, insurance, overseas accommodation or domestic travel within an overseas country. Costs for Travel and accommodation costs can only be approved where an official itinerary is supplied with an itemised breakdown of proposed costs.

Once an Application is Received in the Foundation’s Office

Please note we are unable to send confirmation for every application received into our office.

When an application is being processed, if there’s any required information missing, we would usually email the applicant requesting the missing information (which ideally would be scanned and emailed back to us).

Otherwise, all applicants will only hear back from us by email once meeting results are processed.

It is therefore important to provide a current email address for each application.

(*exceptions may apply on certain months)

Grants Payment

Approved grants are *usually paid through direct credit by the end of the week following the grant approval date (*exceptions may apply on certain months).

It is therefore important to provide an official bank document with the applicant’s bank account name and number for each application.

Example Resolution

This is essential and should be on organisation letterhead.

It was resolved that a request be made to Four Winds Foundation Ltd for funding for the amount of [Amount]. I certify that the above is a true and correct copy of the resolution of the [Committee or Executive] of [Organisation Name] dated [Date].

Signed: ___________________ Name of Secretary: _________________ Date: _________________

Non-Authorised Purposes

The following are some examples which are not acceptable as Authorised Purposes.
  • Purchase or subsidy of alcohol, food, entertainment or refreshments (except in certain cases for children or elderly).
  • Costs of staging “after match” functions for sporting groups
  • Grants to non-affiliated “social” sports or social clubs
  • Grants to clubs that use a commercial gaming machine site (e.g. a hotel) as a clubroom or sporting venue.
  • Cash prizes or large non-cash prizes
  • Commercial tourist promotions
  • A purpose which will result in a commercial gain or profit for an individual or organisation
  • Grants to further the activities of professional sports persons
  • Any individual sports person unless the grant is made to and administered by an incorporated sporting body to which the individual is affiliated
  • Family reunions or group reunions
  • Events or trips which are predominantly social in nature
  • Purchase or subsidy of vehicles for purposes associated with social functions
  • Prizes for sporting events except for trophies or modest non-cash prizes for use in genuine community sporting events. (The definition of “modest” will in each case be determined by the size of the event concerned.)
  • Dress uniforms
  • Donations given to individual events cannot be provided for personal usage. All such provisions must be made available for common usage.
  • Fuel costs
  • All grants must be utilised for purposes within New Zealand for New Zealand goods and services. Funds will be made available for travel overseas to the first point of arrival and return to New Zealand. No other costs will be provided for.
  • Any retrospective purchase or event
  • Funding of third-party donor organisations
  • Funding for fundraising events

Racing Industry

  • Payments other than stake money to horse or greyhound owners or trainers.
  • Payments to professional jockeys.
  • Activities or expenses in connection with the breeding of racehorses or grey hounds.
  • Any payment, facility or service that would give commercial benefit to owners, trainers, jockeys, breeders or other people in the racing industry
Groups, events or trips which are predominately social in nature and facilities to provide for such groups/events (unless the beneficiaries are a needy group such as underprivileged children or the elderly. This list of exclusions may include:
  • Family Reunions.
  • Social Clubs and sports supporters' clubs.
  • Sporting trips for supporters or spectators.

Authorised Purposes

Grants terms and conditions
  • Funding must be applied to the purpose stated on the application
  • Any deviations or requests for reallocation of funding or change of supplier of goods and/or services must be made to the Foundation in writing prior to the expenditure being incurred.
  • Expenditure of funds must be accounted for by collating and returning receipts and copies of bank statements pertaining to the receipt and expenditure of funds, as soon as practicable after the funds are spent.
  • Any unspent funds are returned to the Foundation immediately.
  • Failure to return receipts and accountability will result in a request from the Foundation for the return of funding and any future applications being declined.
  • Funds cannot be granted for events that have already occurred or for items that have already been purchased.
  • No fee or commission payment of any kind can be attached to this application.
  • Funding is entirely at the discretion of the Foundation and application does not guarantee funding.
  • All items funded must remain the property of the recipient organisation, e.g. sports equipment and uniforms.
  • Written notification of outcomes will be sent within ten working days of the Board meeting. (Verbal communication of funding decisions will not be given).
  • Payment of the grant will be made by direct credit to the bank account nominated on the deposit slip that you have attached to your application.
Funds available for distribution will be applied to:
  • Any amateur sports teams or clubs which are open to the general public and which are affiliated to a recognised or national body and which compete in recognised leagues.
  • The promoting, controlling or conducting of race meetings under the Racing Act 2003 including the payment of stakes.
  • Any charitable, philanthropic or cultural purpose or any purpose that is beneficial to the community or a section of it.
  • The provision or assistance in the provision and maintenance of facilities, equipment, services, playing uniforms for sporting clubs and amateur sporting teams affiliated to the appropriate regional or national body and playing in recognised, published leagues or competitions
  • Grants for charitable purposes including the relief of poverty, or welfare assistance through donations to recognised social service or welfare agencies
  • Grants to educational, cultural and sporting organisations for scholarships or equipment that is administered by the recipient educational organisation
  • Grants to recognised cultural or philanthropic activities or groups.
  • With the exception of grants to national societies or agencies, funds are mainly distributed within the local community in which they are raised.
  • No payment, commission or any other kind of reward, financial or otherwise, can be attached or demanded as a precondition for either the issuing of a grant application form or the payment of a grant.
  • Authorised purposes must benefit the community and not result in commercial or personal gain.
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